ecosculpture as co-therapist

A photograph of a ring of leaves, painted with gold paint, on moss

Ecosculpture supports befriending and learning with the world, slowing down to pay attention, encountering nature as a co-therapist and co-participant in the experience. It requires the cultivation of attention, a central feature of expressive arts therapies.

Creating ecosculpture is noticing line, colour, shape, texture, seen in the way that a caterpillar chews a leaf line, or how worms moving through soil create new topography, or the way that the ocean rusts a metal hook. It is a practice of temporarily bringing these noticed things together. Ecosculpture is a relational practice, and a way to encounter ourselves in the world and our inherent belonging. It is also a practice of reciprocity, a space to ask, what does this place need from us?

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