Slow art, somatic practice and creative rest

A watercolor showing cut outs mostly in earth tones

I’m delighted to share that my friend Shauna Kaendo (https://heyshauna.com/about/) and I are co-facilitating a workshop at Hollyhock in August!

You can find more information on the Hollyhock page: https://hollyhock.ca/programs/6706/slow-art-somatic-practice-and-creative-rest/

Bringing our bodies into the conversation through creative process.

In this therapeutic arts program, we get curious about what self-care practices can look and feel like both individually and in community. Through creative meanderings we will experiment with solo and collaborative art-making processes, for example, bilateral drawing, collage, watercolour, bookmaking, slow stitch, and somatic felting.

We will be grounded in somatic, sensory and mindfulness practices that invite participants to connect with and explore their intrinsic creativity. What does it feel like to notice that we are in a body in creative flow?

Through a series of art prompts, we will explore using various materials, in different way—to see what they can do, how they behave and intersect with each other—And to notice how we feel in the different processes. How does the abundance of art process become shared collective fodder for new inspiration?

This program will balance collective and solo indoor and outdoor studio practices and meanderings.

Program highlights

  • Experience in sensory arts and material explorations (felt, stone, wood, paper, twig, pigment, expressive mark making, brush making, slow stitch, bookmaking, movement).
  • Develop and deepen creative self care practice through materials and making.
  • Explore the connection between expressive and therapeutic arts practices and mental and physical health. Conversations and learning are supported by contemporary neuroscientific research.
  • Revisit, redefine and re-imagine what self-care means…what (and who) it includes.

Sign up here: https://hollyhock.secure.retreat.guru/program/slow-art-24/?form=1&lang=en

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