What counselling looks like

Counselling sessions are 60 minutes and cost $140. + GST

I offer three formats of session: indoor studio, land based, and telehealth online on zoom. You are welcome to mix and match, or choose one that fits the best for you.

In our first session we go over informed consent, I’ll talk a little bit about my counselling style and we’ll identify some of your goals for counselling. We will explore your ecology, your resources, relationships and vital connections within the world (family, friends, human and non-human supports, beings and things you like). The rest of the session follows from this, and is different for everyone.

Studio session

A session is 60 minutes in length. We meet in my studio space in fernwood, glad stone studio. There’s comfortable seating and space to move and make.

A photograph showing the inside of glad stone studios.
A colour photograph showing a the view of water and rocky beach with logs from a handmade tarp structure. Insideis a person making a drawing with pastels, a red tarp, tea in a mug and another person writing notes.

Land based session

A standard session is 60 minutes in length. We meet at a local trail or park. Sessions are typically a mix of both movement and sitting.

In sessions, we’re in conversation with the land, a co-therapist, supporting sensory experience, connection, mindfulness, regulation, reflection, and meaning making.

A photograph of a room in an old house. There is a dog on the floor, resting, a computer open and some drawings on the wall. A sheepskin pads an old chair

Zoom session

Not in Victoria or prefer to meet online? You can book a zoom telehealth session with me. These sessions are 60 minutes.

We can collaborate on what feels right for our sessions — for example along with talking, there may be creative invitations suitable for the space you are in.